Thursday, November 4, 2010

Perhaps you know someone who is suffering from arthritis pain or carpal tunnel or headaches for that matter

Part of how I got involved in making healing stone jewelry is due to severe pain I was enduring from Severe Stenosis in my lower back.  I also have carpal tunnel and a torn meniscous in my knee.  I cannot take pain medications or anti inflamatory drugs.  A friend of mine had just had surgery for carpal tunnel and his physical therapist told him to get magnetic hematite and wear it and that it would help with his recovery from the surgery.  He made himself one and it helped him and he ever so kindly gave me one.  I had results though I was not a believer at first within 24 hours.   I now wear a necklace, bracelets on both wrists at night and anklets on both ankles at night as well.  I cannot say that I am cured however I can say that I am pain free as long as I wear the jewelry.  Interestingly enough, people started buying what I was wearing off my wrists, neck, etc.  I started studying the stones and then learned that there were healing properties to all of the stones.  I am careful not to purchase heated, treated or dyed stones as that does change the healing properties. 

Today I am telling you about hematite because without it my life was full of pain.  Perhaps there is someone you know that might benefit from this stone. 

Hematite Used for centuries to stimulate healing for arthritis, joint pain, muscle sprain, tear or strain. Excellent for sports injuries, increasing the flow of blood when applied to an injured area. Promotes drug free pain relief.
See more at  where you can also read about the other stones and how they can help♥

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